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Resilience in the Face of COVID-19

Pittsfield Prospers was founded in 2019 to change the narrative about Pittsfield.  Although the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a temporary pause in our focus and a pivot to providing the community with the best empirically supported tools to cope with the psychological impact of the pandemic, it is now clear that we cannot prosper as a community until every member of our community has equal access to health care, jobs education and equal treatment before the law. The recent killing of George Floyd by those responsible for the safety of all of our citizens has triggered protests across the nation.

Pittsfield Prospers stands in solidarity with those who are insisting that we address the systemic racism that has plagued our country for 400 years and join together to change the unacceptable treatment of black and brown people in our community and our country. Only then can Pittsfield hope to prosper.

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