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Change is in the air!

Pittsfield Prospers is launching a series of intergenerational conversations over Zoom to explore issues of concern to our community across many lines of difference in an effort to seize this moment of uncertainty to realize the promise of Pittsfield.

Change is in the air! The pandemic, coupled with the national attention focused on the need for changes in the culture of policing in the U.S. has provided an opportunity to pause and reflect on the kind of community we can create if we seize the opportunity to move Pittsfield forward post COVID-19. The uncertainty we face has brought many of us closer together as we have followed public health guidelines to protect not only ourselves but those around us. Community members have stepped up to help by providing meals, running errands, checking in with neighbors, and contributing their time and energy to being sources of support for both friends and strangers. The creativity of the community has been inspiring. Pittsfield Prospers hopes to capitalize on this positive consequence of our collective experience by bringing a group across many lines of difference together to discuss how we might best realize the promise of Pittsfield.

Join us via Zoom for the first of a series of weekly Intergenerational Community Conversations beginning on Thursday, July 9  from 6:00-7:30pm. The first session, the week after we celebrate Independence Day, will be devoted to identifying the topics to be explored. Topics such as inequities in health care, education, employment, housing and justice; inequities based on gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, and religious beliefs. What better way to engage in the democratic ideals on which our country is founded!

To register message us here. You will be sent a link to join the free conversation.